Cable Type
Wayleave Present
BT Openreach
Copper Pairs (ADSL)
BT Openreach
Direct fibre connection
Direct fibre connection
  • Choice available of 2 unique sources of high-speed wireline fibre connectivity including BT Openreach | Vodafone
  • The following carriers fully distribute fibre throughout the building to support ease of tenant access: BT Openreach
  • BT Openreach is present which provides the ability of other carriers to service tenants in the building if requested.
  • Multiple communications intakes into the building provide tenants with access to redundant connections.
  • Telecom cables are kept in protected, secure riser cupboards throughout the building to minimize risk of damage.
  • Additional riser cupboard space is available to support future needs of tenants and carriers throughout the entire building.
  • Public WiFi is provided by building management in common areas to enhance access to connectivity throughout the building.
Cabling Type Use Maximum Speed (Bandwidth rates)
Copper Used in older Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) networks, these networks use copper telephone lines to provide internet access to customers. 20 Mbps Down
1 Mbps Up
Coaxial Used in most Cable provider networks. Coax cable is used to provide shared internet access which is not a dependable connection. 152 Mbps Down
20 Mbps Up
Fixed Wireless Rooftop based antenna networks are used for both primary and secondary forms of connectivity. Top choice for redundant connection because it doesn’t rely on existing wireline cabling into a building. 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig)
Down and Up
Fibre Most technologically advanced form of cabling used in buildings. Direct fibre provides dedicated high speed connections with equal download and upload speeds. 10,000 Mbps (10 Gig)
Down and Up
Distribution Type Definition
Direct to Occupier Space Only The standard cable distribution method in the UK. A carrier will run fibre from their equipment in the telecom room directly to the occupier. Each time a new occupier needs services, a new fibre will be ran to that occupier.
Full Distribution Full distribution means that multiple fibres are pre-run throughout the building to make connections to occupiers faster. Fibre will be run from the basement to top floor and will have accessible termination points every 4 floors (or fewer). This set up drastically reduces the time it takes for occupiers to receive new service.
Other Items Definition
BT Openreach Openreach is an infrastructure platform open to over 500 secondary providers. These providers can lease fibre and copper from Openreach to provide service to occupiers.
Back-Up Electricity Internet services are provided over equipment that is powered by electricity. Having back-up electricity mitigates the risk of a power failure disrupting internet service.
Standard Wayleave Standard wayleave agreements describe the landlord’s rules for installing, maintaining, and removing telecom equipment. Presence of these proactively developed terms & conditions help ensure there is a streamlined process in place to allow new and existing providers to supply service to occupiers within the building.