Forbury Road, Reading, Reading, RG1 1AX
Rentable Sqft(k):
Available ISPs
Carrier Transmission Medium Comms Intake Location Back-up Power Connection Wayleave Agreement Present
BT Openreach Copper Pairs (ADSL) Intake 2 None No
BT Openreach Direct fibre connection Intake 2 & Intake 3 None No
Virgin Copper Pairs (ADSL) Unconfirmed None Yes
Virgin Direct fibre connection Intake 2 None Yes
Vodafone Direct fibre connection Intake 1 None Yes
Telcom Direct fibre connection Unconfirmed None Yes
Building Infrastructure
Is Wi-Fi present in the lobby for tenants and guests alike? Yes
Building has a universal communications chamber for easy connections to street infrastructure? No
Building has multiple communications intakes - Points of Entry (POEs)? Yes
Communication Intakes (POEs) have capacity for additional wireline providers to place cables? Yes
The building has comms areas present for ISP termination equipment and locates them in a: Hallway or open space
Is there spare capacity to install new telecommunications equipment in the telco room/ comms intake room? Yes
Building provides option of direct connections to backup electricity for telco equipment present? No
Building has riser space that goes from the basement to the top floor in a closed, protected environment? Yes
Building riser cupboards have room for additional cabling? No
Is there capacity for horizontal run from the riser space to tenant telecom closet? Yes
Building has two or more diverse riser cupboard locations? Yes
If yes to the previous question, are the risers serviceable through two separate pathways? Yes
Building has signed Wayleave Agreements in place with carriers? Yes - Some Agreements on File
Does building management have a standard wayleave on file to expedite service to new tenants? Yes
Schematics for telco routes are on file? No
Additional Questions
In the wayleave agreement terms, who bears the cost of wayleave negotiations? Occupier
In the wayleave agreement terms, does the building charge the carriers rent? No
Does the building have space on the roof for the placement of fixed wireless, cellular, or satellite equipment? Yes
Does building management allow placement of devices on roof? Yes
Does the building have diverse power entry into the building? No
If Wi-Fi is present in common spaces, is it provided by an internal business or through building management (either directly or through a managed service provider)? Yes
Is there a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in place for mobile phone service? No
Is there carrier mobile phone equipment in place for mobile phone service throughout the building? No
Is telecommunications equipment in your building located above grade (to prevent possible damages from flooding)? No
Have you or your service providers implemented any Green / Sustainability measures for reducing the environmental impact of the connected building provisions at this location? No
Does your building have a Building Management System (BMS) to control and monitor the building's mechanical and electrical equipment? Yes